Penggunaan Alat Permainan Edukatif (APE), Media Pembelajaran Buatan dosen & Mahasiswa Guna Menunjang Proses PBM TK KB TPA IT YADIAKSA di Masa Pandemic Covid 19


  • Sonia Yulia Friska Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  • Ana Novitasari Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  • Dodi widiananda Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  • Dwi Novri Asmara Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  • Gingga Prananda Universitas Dharmas Indonesia


Anak Usia Dini, Alat Permainan Edukatif, Ilmu Pengetahuan


Aspects developed and in the form of intelligence in early childhood, especially science development can be done in various ways, one of which is by using APE. Some teachers often complain about the lack of APE where they teach. One of the things that causes it is its relatively high price. But does it have to be discouraged? Of course, it is not the way to make your own APE needed and use it as needed (including for science development).

Creating APE for science development doesn't have to cost you dearly. APE making can be done using low cost or even without cost at all because it utilizes used materials. APE made by teachers can be utilized as soon as possible. The use of APE can be collaborated with the right learning methods or models so that all aspects and intelligence of the child can develop, including science development. If you are able to create and use APE as needed, there is no reason for teachers or teachers not to be maximal in teaching. No more complaints that cost a lot of money. It turns out that improving the quality of education does not always have to be paid a high price.

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