Penerapan Olaharaga Tradisional dan Modifikasi Permainan Kecil


  • Zuhar Ricky Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  • Kelik Purwanto Universitas Dharmas Indonesia


Olahraga Tradisional, Modifikasi, Permainan Kecil


Traditional sports and modifications in general aim at children's motor development, and can also help develop children's intelligence. Traditional and modified sports are widely used in physical education learning, but in fact there are still many teachers and children who are not familiar with traditional sports and game modification. However, in particular the traditional sports that are socialized are sports originating from their respective regions, namely West Sumatra sports, while modification is an effort made to create and present something new, unique, and interesting. The method used is the socialization method which is divided into 3 stages, namely 1) the first stage namely orientation, where in this stage the team conducts participant conditioning starting from initial observations 2) Implementation in this activity all students practice game modification in class and outside the classroom, teaching traditional sports to students starting from the rules, how to do it, the tools used, and how to play the game 3) the third stage, namely evaluation, sharing together between the team and students and teachers who teach at SDN 06 Sitiung. Through this evaluation, the achievements obtained from the service activities can be measured by looking at the percentage of the pretest and posttest by answering questions about traditional sports rules and game modifications that have been implemented.

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